Power Generation News, December 2017

The Nuclear AMRC is leading two new R&D projects to address fundamental challenges in nuclear manufacturing. The ‘Inform’ and ‘Simple’ projects, backed by government funding of almost £2.5m, will investigate two contrasting approaches to producing large-scale nuclear components.   CTO of the Nuclear AMRC, professor Steve Jones explained: “Both projects aim to provide significant improvements to UK productivity, potentially cutting manufacturing time and cost by half for a variety of large nuclear components.   “By developing innovative approaches to the fundamental challenges of manufacturing, these ... Read more

Automotive News, December 2017

Midlands sports car manufacturer Morgan Motor Company has revealed details of its most extreme road going model to date.  The race-inspired Aero GT is based upon the lightweight aluminium Aero 8 but with an all-new hand-worked, aerodynamically honed body which reduces drag but significantly increases downforce. The Malvern-based company said it aimed to utilise the knowledge it had learned from Morgan’s GTS race victories. The car was conceived initially during the development of the 2015 Aero 8 but never saw the light ... Read more

UK mechanical and electronic engineering enjoyed good start to Q4

Backed by strong performances in European engineering generally UK mechanical and electronic engineering enjoyed a strong start to the Fourth Quarter according to the Monthly Business Monitor run by the Engineering and Machinery Alliance (EAMA).  The volatile monthly numbers show a clear trend over the last 12-24 months of really big gains in prospecting returns and healthy improvements in orders when converted into three-monthly running averages. Martin Walder, EAMA chairman: “We continue to be bullish about the near-term future.  How could we not ... Read more

Rail News, November 2017

HS2 ltd, the company responsible for developing the UK’s new high-speed rail network, has announced that five manufacturers are in the running to build the 225mph trains that will run on the new high-speed rail network.   According to the firm, Alstom; Bombardier Transportation; Hitachi Rail Europe; Patentes Talgo S.L.U. and Siemens will all be invited to tender for a £2.75bn contract to design, build and maintain at least 54 trains for the new network.   Of the five companies in the running for the ... Read more

Oil & Gas News, November 2017

The shale revolution in north America means the US is destined to become a net oil exporter within 10 years, for the first time since the 1950s. The International Energy Agency said it expected that American oil production between 2010 and 2025 would grow at a rate unparalleled by any country in history, with far-reaching consequences for the US and the world.  The last time the US exported more oil than it imported was 1953, and a ban on oil exports ... Read more

Aerospace & Defence News, November 2017

Airbus has struck its biggest single deal with an order for 430 aircraft worth $49.5bn at list prices from US investment firm Indigo Partners.   Indigo, whose interests include Europe’s Wizz Air, US-based Frontier, and Mexico’s Volaris, will buy Airbus’s A320neo family of aircraft. The order on the penultimate day of the Dubai Airshow comes after what could have been a difficult week for Airbus.   Earlier in the month, Emirates appeared to snub Airbus over an A380 superjumbo deal.   The Airbus aircraft, whose wings are made ... Read more

Manufacturing News, November 2017

Business innovation is key to manufacturers’ success at home and overseas, and is seen as a critical part of their growth strategies, according to a new survey published by EEF and Santander.   Business innovation helps manufacturers to do things better; it also helps them to enter new export markets, as well as to seek new domestic markets. It’s about much more than new products and new markets; and as a result, the breadth and focus of manufacturers’ business innovation activities have changed ... Read more

Power Generation News, November 2017

A new study has claimed that a global electricity network powered exclusively by renewables is possible by 2050, and will be cheaper than today’s system.   The report was carried out by Finland’s Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and the Energy Watch Group (EWG), an international non-profit that includes scientists and politicians. Presenting their results on the sidelines of the COP23 climate conference in Bonn, the researchers said that existing renewables potential, coupled with storage, could meet global demand by the middle of ... Read more

Automotive News, November 2017

The University of Derby has awarded a Leicestershire business £97,650 to expand overseas.   Vitesse Global provides specialist engine, gearbox and ancillary components to a niche market in the automotive sector. The business, based in Hinckley, says it noticed there was a gap in the market as British sports car manufacturers don’t offer automatic gear boxes to buyers, which limits sales as they are highly popular in some countries.   Morgan Motor Company was keen to work with Vitesse Global to produce an automatic gearbox, ... Read more

Rail News, November 2017

Leeds University is investing £10m in a new Institute for High Speed Rail that will focus on the design, manufacture and integration of high speed rail infrastructure.   Featuring a vehicle system test facility, the institute will be located close to the HS2 rolling stock depot to the east of Leeds, and will provide both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Areas of research will include foundations and track, traction systems, braking and energy harvesting, sensor technology and digital systems.   Working alongside the National College for ... Read more
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