The Automotive Sector

The automotive industry is a vital part of the UK economy accounting for more than £82 billion turnover and £20.2 billion value added.

With some 186,000 people employed directly in manufacturing and in excess of 856,000 across the wider automotive industry, it accounts for 12.0% of total UK export of goods and invests £3.65 billion each year in automotive R&D.

More than 30 manufacturers build in excess of 70 models of vehicle in the UK supported by 2,500 component providers and some of the world’s most skilled engineers.

A strong UK supply base is fundamental to the future success of the wider automotive industry. The UK is home to over 30 automotive manufacturers, producing cars, vans, trucks, buses and engines – who want to take advantage of increased local sourcing.

18 of the world’s top 20 automotive suppliers operate in the UK and SMMT is committed to driving growth in the supply chain.

UK Automotive Supply Chain

  • 78,000 people employed in the UK supply chain
  • 41% average UK content in British-built cars – up from 36% since 2011
  • 2,500 + automotive suppliers in the UK
  • £4.3bn added value generated by UK automotive industry

Data source : SMMT

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Automotive Associations

Welsh Automotive Forum

The role of the Welsh Automotive Forum continues to deepen and widen.
This places it firmly at the centre of automotive activities in Wales which befits its status as the only body which is of, as well as for, the country’s automotive sector.

The industry in Wales consists of 40 international component manufacturers including the engine plants of Ford and Toyota together with a further 100 + companies in the service and supply chain, many of which are small and medium enterprises.  In total some 18,000 people in Wales are directly employed in this sector with other jobs being generated by the multiplier effect.  The industry generates sales on average of £3.2 billion per annum and has a combined payroll in excess of  £0.5Bn per annum.

The Welsh Government has made it clear that it wants to support manufacturing and wants to make sure that the role undertaken by WAF and its members attains maximum economic benefit. To this end a new ‘umbrella’ company has been established (2013) by the Welsh Government.

Industry Wales unites the sector forums of Automotive, Aerospace and Electronic and Software Technologies, to achieve greater synergy to support the Government with Inward Investment activity, job creation as well as strengthening research and development, promoting where appropriate, Enterprise Zones in Wales.

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